The Major Money Goal Millennials Are Prioritizing Above All Else

Originally Published on The Money Manual

Wondering what the biggest money goal of millennials is? What about how they intend to invest their money? And which company they feel the most bullish about?

The Visual Capitalist broke all of that down and more, investigating the financial goals and investing habits of millennials, who it should be noted are due to inherit a whopping 30 trillion dollars in the next 30 years.

Their goals, it seems, are a bit different from earlier generations. For one, their biggest financial goal isn’t buying a home or getting married, it’s earning an advanced degree like a MBA or master’s degree.

Nor surprisingly given they grew up with a smartphone in their hand and computers everywhere they are most bullish about investing in technology. The company that they have the most faith in is Amazon.

Sadly, most millennials aren’t too confident in their investing skills overall: only 18% say they have investing chops.

Here’s more from the interesting forecast:


Infographic: Courtesy of The Visual Capitalist

Feature Image: Courtesy of Adam Katz Sinding/Le 21ème

Originally Published on The Money Manual