The Best Places to Retire in 2019

Originally published on Forbes 

Even for the we’ll-do-it-our-way Baby Boom generation, retirement usually means two predictable changes: less income and more freedom to live where you please. That’s why so many folks at least consider moving in retirement and why Forbes’ list of The Best Places To Retire In 2019 highlights 25 locales that offer both affordability and a high quality of life.

Our new roster, our ninth annual such list, contains places in 17 states across all four continental time zones. While they vary dramatically by size, climate and culture, all offer excellent retirement value for the buck. The list is in alphabetical order, meaning we consider all equally worthy. Sadly, our quest for affordability excludes most of the Northeast and the West Coast. If you want to live in those regions, check out Forbes’ list of The Best Places To Retire In Each State. If you’re looking for something even farther from home, consider our recent list of the Best Places To Retire Abroad In 2019.

City State Population Median Home Price
Athens Georgia 127,000 $177,000
Bella Vista Arkansas 29,000 $171,000
Boise Idaho 227,000 $291,000
Brevard North Carolina 8,000 $218,000
Charlotte North Carolina 860,000 $224,000
Clearwater Florida 116,000 $211,000
Columbia Missouri 122,000 $181,000
Delray Beach Florida 69,000 $205,000
Fargo North Dakota 122,000 $222,000
Green Valley Arizona 32,000 $189,000
Iowa City Iowa 76,000 $222,000
Jacksonville Florida 892,000 $176,000
Lawrence Kansas 97,000 $208,000
Lexington Kentucky 322,000 $181,000
Maryville Tennessee 29,000 $182,000
Palm Bay Florida 114,000 $178,000
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania 303,000 $151,000
Rochester Minnesota 116,000 $221,000
San Antonio Texas 1,500,000 $176,000
San Marcos Texas 63,000 $210,000
Sarasota Florida 57,000 $261,000
Savannah Georgia 146,000 $135,000
Sun City Arizona 40,000 $180,000
Wenatchee Washington 34,000 $297,000
Winchester Virginia 28,000 $247,000

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