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The Center for Financial Freedom | Allegro is proud to share The Center for Financial Freedom. Created as a learning resource to ensure that our community was equipped with the knowledge and resources to achieve financial freedom, our goal is to provide members of the working class the resources they need to encourage dialogue between online banking services and customer satisfaction, engage in a better savings system for their future and build a better overall understanding of the working class. At Allegro, we believe managing your finances and future shouldn’t be confusing or costly – so we’re changing that.

Allegro & The Center for Financial Freedom

Allegro was created in 2015 with a commitment to building a community that supports its members by assisting them during their financial ups and downs. Through our Center for Financial Freedom, we strive to create a community by providing access to articles and education modules that will better help them plan for financial success.

As part of our commitment to help members reach their financial goals, members can also enjoy financial rewards for completing financial educations and literacy through the modules found on the live app. With no monthly contracts or hidden fees or charges, Allegro Finance is committed to making your financial life simpler and easier to manage.

Steps Toward Financial Freedom


  • The Center for Financial Freedom is equipped with literacy and modules to guide you to financial success. Our center will also serve as a resource of educational reports and trending news that will provide you with updates and policies for financial freedom.
  • Members can also enjoy financial rewards for completing modules found through their Allegro Membership. Each module is comprised of easy-to-read literacy and quizzes based on the lessons to ensure you are getting the most out of your Allegro.

Support & Service

  • We believe in sharing what we learn and look for opportunities to engage and discuss with individuals and organizations who have an interest in this important consumer segment. When funding your future gets confusing, we are here to make it easier. Whether The Center for Financial Freedom is your primary source information, our members can also count on the support & service of our Allegro team.


Follow The Center for Financial Freedom for future content and articles covering news and education to bring you closer to your financial solutions.


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