Our Allegro App Now Live!

Allegro Finance has launched its new app devoted to building a community based on our members’ financial needs and goals by providing the tools to achieve them.

Available throughout the United States and Mexico, the Allegro Finance mobile application will give its members a hands-ready platform to manage transactions & purchases, transfers to allotted companion card(s) and an easy-to-read pricing sheet determined by their selected package. Each Allegro member receives a monthly cash reward equal to 2% of purchases made with their Allegro card that can be monitored through their Allegro App. Along with financial literacy modules, members can enjoy financial rewards for completing financial educations through their mobile app, discounts to selected prescription and pet medicine and access to over 302,000 discounts across the United States.

Members can select the package that makes sense for them and thereby save on the cost of services and save time and effort in their everyday lives.  Allegro puts the tools they need to manage their finances on their mobile phones and allows them the opportunity for increased financial progress.  The Allegro financial education programs are intended to assist members in building better credit scores and access to additional financial resources.

With no monthly contracts or hidden fees or charges, Allegro Finance is committed to making your financial life simpler and easier to manage. Unlike banks and many pre-paid card providers, Allegro believes in price transparency. Bringing our online services and packages to the convenience of your mobile application, Allegro can help save you money. Join today and save on ATM Withdrawal, Check Cashing, Bill Payments and Money Transfer fees.

“Banks are hard to use, take so much time, and charge too many hidden fees.  Check cashiers and payday lenders charge too much.  Allegro is dedicated to fair and transparent pricing combined with ease of use and access to valuable rewards. Allegro members save on ATM withdrawals, purchases, check cashing, bill payments and money transfers.”

Stop spending hundreds of your hard-earned pay on bank fees for check cashiers and money orders and start sending money to loved ones while also saving for your future.

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For more information, download the Allegro Finance app on the App Store:

About Allegro Finance App:

Allegro Finance was created to change the complicated and costly approach of traditional banking. Allegro Finance app offers a wide range of discounted financial products and services, member benefits and access to unsecured consumer loans. Through the mobile application, members enjoy complete services and benefits gained from their Choice or Advantage package.

About Allegro, LLC:

Allegro, LLC was founded in 2015 with a commitment to build a community of members and to provide them with access to financial services at fair prices and convenient terms.  The strategy relies on saving members time and money and harnessing the power of a community to access vital financial services and rewards while increasing financial knowledge, bettering credit scores and making financial progress for families and individuals.


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